What does Quality mean to you?

In the business of Physical Therapy (PT) staying in the black can be a daily struggle. Insurance reimbursement is changing and to stay afloat businesses need to make money. Unfortunately these two pieces of the puzzle tend to oppose one another in the healthcare industry. So what are the options?

There are many, but I would like to talk about just one. The one that impacts clients the most and the reason that I am starting ZPT . . .

Quality of care

This is the most important aspect of my industry and I suspect that most folks would say the same. As consumers of healthcare services we all deserve to receive effective care, in a timely manner for a fair price. This is what ZPT offers.

  1. Examination, evaluation and treatment from a doctor of physical therapy who is a board certified specialist in orthopaedics.

  2. Care based on current research, 20 years of clinical experience and each clients input.

  3. Appointment scheduling to meet your needs. Individual care without time or visit limits.

  4. Pricing that meets industry standards and the ability to submit claims to your insurance company for reimbursement.

  5. Focus on client outcomes and client satisfaction.

Quality of care is why I have started ZPT. I want to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of this community. If you have an injury, pain or difficulty functioning, I can help you experience the value of quality care!

Stay tuned for information on many physical therapy topics!

Be Well! Roxi

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