The Athlete and the Injury . . .

Kids these days fall into one of three categories of activity participation:

  1. The Virtual Athlete who plays FIFA Soccer, Madden Football, MLB The Show and NBA 2K on a gaming system.

  2. The Active Play Athlete who plays many different sports or participates in a wide variety of activities – individual and team sports or exercise.
  3. The Sport Specialized Athlete who plays one sport year around and may be on a few different teams – school, club and community.

Injury can occur no matter what category your child is in but for different reasons!

  • The Virtual Athlete may get injured when beginning an activity or sport due to lack of strength, flexibility, agility or control for the activity they are performing.
    • Of Special Note: Kids who play active games on the Wii or Xbox Kinect systems can get injured as well! Especially if they play one game over and over – think overuse or repetative movements!
  • The Sport Specialized Athlete may get injured due to repetitive movements done during practice and games  that wears a body part down and prevents healing.
  • The Active Play Athlete may get injured for the same reasons a Virtual Athlete or Sport Specialize Athlete depending on the situation.

Think of spraining your ankle . . .

The Sport Specialized tennis player or basketball player is prone to these injuries by nature of the sport, the Active Play Athlete may be running and step in a hole twisting their ankle and a Virtual Athlete may slip off the Wii board twisting their ankle ~ it’s all still an ankle sprain!

So . . .

Who are you? Who is your child?

How do you prevent injury now that you know?

Hint: its different for each category!

See tomorrow’s post for advice particular to each type of athlete . . .

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