Vlogging about Ankle Sprains!

Hi Everyone! I’m back again with another video blog . . . you can check it out here!

Today’s topic is ankle sprains ~ who has not had an ankle sprain? They are so common. This video is a little longer but short of 5 min . . . stay tuned to learn the impact that chronic recurrent ankle sprains have on the ankle and foot!

If you are struggling with ankle or foot pain and have had ankle sprain as a kid you won’t want to miss it!

This Vlog and more are on my you tube channel at ZPT physio and fitness

Here’s the VLOG!

Patellar dislocation VLOG?!?!?

Hello! I am trying my hand at video blogs because . . . why not! I spend time talking to people all the time about questions they have, why not answer some in a more personable fashion than on the phone or via text!

So here is my first . . . Click this link!

This Vlog is about knee cap dislocation ~ the who, what, where, when and why (although not entirely in that order) 🙂

Hope you enjoy . . .

Click here to see the video