Return to Reality ~ Remember Who You Are

f65f1cc99b863ca37484061c3c05283bIts September 1st and here is my update . . . . 

Well, actually it is September 12th because  ~ Life Gets In The Way 😛  but . . . Here’s my update 🙂

The Life that got in the way included:

  1. My son had his wisdom teeth removed!
  2. We tented the house which required bagging things, moving out and then cleaning up.
  3. The start of school while we were moved out! I earned my “master schedule juggler” award that week!
  4. I continued to see patients at various locations (because my clinic is in my home ~ which was tented).
  5. My volunteer commitments resumed ~ I coordinate the Snack Shack for my son’s high school and we had opening days for AYSO and FRAM soccer!

My Successes included:

  1. I resumed cooking delicious and healthy dinners for my family (once we were back home and the kitchen cleaned).
  2. I relaxed over this weekend after the chaos of the last few weeks. Relaxation is so important to allow us recharge our physical and emotional energy banks.
  3. I reconnected with people I had missed over the summer!
  4. I began a health journal which I will continue sharing as the weeks go by!
  5. I played fetch with the dog and did some yoga flow today 🙂

My Stagnations included:

  1. Forgetting who I am

It all comes down to this! For me when I let life gets in the way it is because I have forgotten who I am and therefore I no longer make the choices that I want to make but allow my circumstances dictate how I spend my time. I lose myself in my circumstances.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought or said:

  • “What the . . . ?”
  • “Who is that?”
  • “That’s not me!”
  • “When did I get ____________ (old/fat/crows feet/dark circles/bags/jowels/chin hair)?” 😀

I am shocked when I look in the mirror because what I see reflected back is not how I actually see myself! In my minds eye, I see a timeless beauty; an intelligent, vivacious, woman; someone who loves yoga, hiking, taking care of her mind, body and soul. What is reflected in the mirror is not that person. So how did I get off track? Life got in the way 🙂

More importantly how do I get back on track?

I have been asking this question for years and have never found an answer until . . . a recent conversation I had with someone with whom I am working on my branding. She asked me a series of questions about the future ~ goals, desires, plans. But she asked it in a way that made me see who I am 6 months from now. AND THEN . . . she told me to act the way that person acts.

Eureka! See what you are 6 months, a year, 5 years from now. Act the way your future self acts. It’s so simple. If I see myself as an athletic, intelligent, compassionate wonder woman then all I have to do is consistently act like an athletic, intelligent, compassionate wonder woman and that is what I will see in the mirror!

So . . . now I finally have a cairn to mark my path, a guide to show me the trail, a way tostay on track and stop life from getting in the way!

~ My Cairn ~

Join me on this journey as I post more personal and professional stories. And stay tuned for continued PT education!

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Blessed to share the journey~  Roxi

National Falls Awareness

Isn’t it a funny coincidence that National Falls Prevention Awareness Day “falls” on the same day as the first day of fall?

But it is the perfect time to talk about improving balance in your life. Moving from summer to fall we experience a balancing of the sunlight and moonlight hours. There is a shift in the rhythm of our routines, maybe even a complete reorganization of them! As you balance your commitments this fall, consider adding physical balance to your routine.

The CDC reports that about one third of people aged 65 years and older will fall each year. This increases to 50% of people 80 years and older. Only 15% of these falls are unavoidable! The other 85% are due to combinations of the following risk factors:

  • Strength, Balance and Mobility deficits

  • Medication errors and mismanagement

  • Vision, Inner ear, or Cognitive impairment

  • Depression

  • Effects of multiple medical conditions.1

A Physical Therapist can help you evaluate your risk of falling by examination and evaluation of your:

  • Medical history – including nervous system disorders such as Stroke or Parkinsonism, history of fall, and more

  • Current medications

  • Vision and vestibular systems

  • Vital signs

  • Footwear and feet

  • Strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, gait, posture

We also perform a home safety assessment and a quick screen of your cognitive abilities.2
If a concern is found a Physical Therapist can address limitations in:

  • strength

  • flexibilty

  • coordination

  • sensation

  • balance

  • gait

  • visual tracking

  • inner ear function

We also educate clients on how to reduce your fall risk and your fear of falling. Finally, we refer clients to the appropriate medical profession for consultation regarding medication, cognitive and medical issues as they are not within our scope of practice.3

After Physical Therapy, there are many wonderful community programs for balance training to help you maintain your balance!

Wishing you a Fall-Free Fall!

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